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Continuing Education Classes Offered

An approved provider of continuing education for the Texas Department of Insurance, we are able to offer courses at your location free of charge. Contact Dwanna Gassaway here to learn about our Lunch & Learn program where we provide educational classes which include topics packed with information to keep you up on the latest legal information on Texas claims including topics related to transportation, construction, and retail, restaurant and hospitality.

We offer the following sampling of courses below. If you don't see a topic you are interested in, please give us a call, we have many more available and we are continually adding more courses!

Course Name

2019 Texas Law Update for the TLU
Get an overview of 2018 Texas Supreme Court decisions, billing affidavits and reasonableand necessary medical expenses, course and scope of employment, and changes in the Texas Courts. 1 Hour – General Lines

A Peek Inside a Closed Head Injury Claim
How is a closed head injury defined? Learn how to evaluate physical symptoms and cognitive defects, what critical information you need in order to evaluate the claim and the role neuropsychological testing plays. 1 Hour – General Lines

Adjusting Claims Involving Mental Anguish Damages
There is no question that mental anguish allegations are complex. This course will identify causes of action for which mental anguish damages are recoverable under Texas law, the proper measurement of those damages, and illustrate when those damages may be covered by a Texas personal injury policy. 1 Hour – General Lines

Adjusting Complex Auto Claims
Get the latest updates for handling uninsured motorist claims, new developments in seat belt evidence and the impact of federal tax liens. 1 Hour – General Lines

Best Defense Against Dram Shop Claims in Texas
In this course you will get the history of Dram Shop, statutory cause of action and elements, proving and defending “obvious intoxication”, application to minors and finally, statutory defense. 1 Hour – General Lines

Deal or No Deal: Strategies and Tactics for Negotiating Settlements
Learn techniques and different negotiation styles you can use in different phases of negotiations to settle claims. Also, learn when you should use informal arbitration or informal negotiations to settle claims. 1 Hour – General Lines

We have several ethics courses for you to choose from that include a broader understanding of how changes in the law impact ethical obligations, understanding the role of Chapter 541 and 542 of the Texas Insurance Code on ongoing ethical obligations as well as Stowers. 1 to 2 Hours – Ethics

Evaluating Damages-Only Cases
When identifying claims where liability is 100% adverse to the insured, understand the burden of proof, whether it is a claim for personal injury, property damage, or violations of the DTPA. Learn what information you should ask for and what information you are entitled to obtain. 1 Hour – General Lines

Evaluating Trucking Cases for Adjusters
There are many factors that affect the evaluation of a trucking case. Find out what you need to know as well as how to counsel your driver and motor carrier. 1 Hour – General Lines

Latest and Greatest in Texas Premises Liability
Hear an analysis of court decisions that involve a property owner’s duties to everyone from employees to sporting event patrons. 1 Hour – General Lines

Navigating the Many Moving Party of Construction Injury Claims in Texas
Understand the role of the adjuster and the defense counsel as well as the unique nature of construction accident claims. Hear what immediate steps you will need to take in the case of an accident, addressing claims and defenses, and finally, defending OSHA investigations. 1 Hour – General Lines

Personal Injury Damages
Learn the value of losses for typical personal injury claims under Texas law plus what economic and non-economic damages are recoverable for personal injury claims in Texas. 1 Hour – General Lines

Rise of the Machines: Adjusting Product Liability Cases in Texas
Get real world examples of product defects claims and handling. Learn about the types of defects, common defenses to liability in product defect claims, the role of subrogation, and the use of experts to preserve and examine evidence. 1 Hour – General Lines

The Changing Venue Landscape in TX
The ever changing demographic and political climate can impact your case evaluation. Get a survey of the various venues throughout the State of Texas, how it affects the case, the rules regarding venue and challenging the venue. 1 Hour – General Lines

Utilizing Social Media in Claims & Litigation
Learn about the scope of available social media resources, the proper procedure in conducting pre-suit social media searches, conducting social media discovery once litigation ensues, responding to claims of privilege, and preparing for eventual trial. 1 Hour – General Lines

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