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Public Entity Defense


Fletcher Farley represents cities, counties, school districts, and housing authorities, and their employees, managers, and controlling boards, bodies, and officials, in a wide range of civil actions, including:

  • Negligence/Texas Tort Claims Act allegations
  • Claims for violation of the United States and Texas constitutions
  • Civil right violations, specifically including law enforcement matters
  • Land use and ordinance enforcement disputes
  • Employment-related claims, such as:
    • Discrimination
    • Sexual harassment
    • FMLA, ADA, FLSA, and
    • Whistleblower complaints

Fletcher Farley provides a comprehensive defense strategy for a wide range of claims including basic torts arising from automobile accidents, slip and falls, street maintenance, and civil rights violations involving ordinance enforcement, discrimination, or police officer use of force.

We focus on an active and targeted defense, while simultaneously exercising discretion and taking proactive steps to minimize the political fallout that often attends the allegation of governmental responsibility, or the allegation of malfeasance on the part of a public official.

We understand the opportunities and limitations of the legal tactics uniquely available to governmental entities, and are experienced in resolving claims by dispositive motion, jury trial, and appeal, as well as other possible resolution options.

Fletcher Farley realizes the importance of communicating with and responding to the unique needs of a governmental entity and providing its governing body with the information and options for effectively handling and responding to asserted claims. As a firm, Fletcher Farley provides continuing education and training about the issues that arise in these settings, specifically including the Texas Tort Claims Act, employment law, civil rights and law enforcement issues, and land use. In addition, we frequently provide pre-claim advice and investigation services for proactive claims avoidance and evidence preservation, particularly following law enforcement action involving the use of deadly force, and in the areas of employment practices and ethics ordinance compliance.

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